How to Use Trim-Loc

Stock No. 10-016 (3/16″ Polymer)
Stock No. 10-023 (1/4″ Aluminum)

How to install Casement Trim Using Trim-Loc

In the following instructions, you will learn how to install casement trim around a typical window opening using Trim-Loc. In this example, the window uses four pieces of trim stock. For doors and windows with separate sill, you will use three pieces of trim stock. When in doubt, just look at the photos. The process is really quite easy and straightforward. Good luck! Click here for a PDF version.

1. Mark your 3/16″ or 1/4″ reveals on all four corners of your jam. Make two marks per corner, one for the horizontal trim pieces, and one for the vertical trim pieces. In these photo’s we’re using the 3/16″ reveal model, Stock No. 10-022.
2. Here the installer is marking a continuous 3/16″ reveal mark. In some cases it’s good to premark all the way around, especially if you’re not sure a nail will fully engage the jam, or worse yet, go through the jam and into the window! This can be a problem with some window jams, especially near the window sill area. Be careful to nail into the jams!
3. Hold Trim-Loc in place, and measure to the opposite reveal mark. Record your measurement. Do this for all four trim lengths. (Note: If you want, you can hold your trim stock in place and transfer the lines to your trim stock. In many cases this is easier said than done. In most cases we recommend measuring the trim lengths instead. Just remember to measure CAREFULLY!)
4. For wide openings, like the one shown, nail Trim-Loc in place using the special holes and two 6d finish nails. This will enable you to measure your trim stock by yourself. Don’t worry about the nail holes, they will be covered by the trim!
5. Pre-cut one end of the trim stock with a 45 degree miter. Always wear your safety goggles and ear protection!
6 Next, transfer the recorded measurements to your trim stock, using Trim-Loc. It really helps to secure Trim-Loc to a bench for this operation. You can clamp or screw it to your bench. After you’ve transfered your marks, use Trim-Loc to mark the cut lines.
7. Cut the second 45 degree miter. Repeat steps 4 through 7 for the remaining three pieces of trim stock.
8. Here all four pieces of trim are cut and ready to be installed.
9. Hold Trim-Loc and your trim stock together with one hand, as shown, and nail it in place with your nail gun. Here is where Trim-Loc really shines. No other tool will hold your stock firmly in place while you nail it. Do not nail above the little half circle guide machined into the tool, otherwise you may split your trim stock, ouch!
10. Rotate the tool, as shown, and finish nailing the trim stock.
11. Apply woodworking glue to all the miters before nailing on the next trim piece.
12. Pre-drill and drive one finish nail into each of the four miters. We do not recommend using as nail gun because of the risk of splits, not to mention flying nails.
13. Repeat steps 9 through 12 for the other three pieces of trim stock.
14. Sit back and enjoy a perfectly trimmed window!

Other Uses for Trim-Loc

Trim-Loc has many other uses. First and foremost, it’s a super handy combination square. In most cases, it’s far more convenient to mark cut lines with Trim-Loc than with any other tool, including a speed square. See below for more info.

1. Use Trim-Loc for all your 45 and 90 degree marking requirements!
2. Trim-Loc’s accuracy makes it a perfect set-up tool for squaring saw blades, jambs, trim, and more!
3. Use Trim-Loc as a preacher. Simply align with outside of trim and carry the mark to your baseboard.

Learn how to use Trim-Loc

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