Stock No. 40-028

Mounts almost anywhere.

The best components available.

Switch lights up when powered.

Mount the switch where YOU want it!

Power-Loc is an auxiliary power switch that can be mounted almost anywhere! Its aluminum housing has six t-slots, and comes with an angle bracket for universal mounting. The lighted switch warns you when the power is on, crucial when using routers and other power tools that already come with their own power switch. Power-Loc also comes with a safety lock to help prevent accidental tripping. 15 amp, 120 volt, 8' cord. Nonmagnetic. Includes mounting bracket and hardware.

Power-Loc mounted to our ProFence. You can't get more convenient than this!

Mounted to the underside of our router table. Will also mount to the side of a cabinet.

Universal bracket enables multiple mounting locations.


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